Early Start

I began my day at half-past midnight in expectation of a stream... but Toasty isn't in the right mindset to Art, today. That's cool, though, because I finally got my keister in gear and caught up with the buffer for Inter-Mission. The downside now is that I have to find a rough half-hour in which everyone else is asleep so I can record more stories for more buffer.

Which is going to be fun because the entire house is now on Who Cares Time [What's the time? Who cares!] and doing whatever whenever.

I have no idea when I'll be able to record, but this Friday will create the need for another buffer episode. At least I'm making my derp work for me.

I actually forgot I'd begun work on the recently-finished buffer episode and thought it was already finished until I checked. The plus side of this nonsense is that I have a new piece of music for Ellipsis Addiction ready for the next episode, and the skeleton ready for the recorded stories when I have them.

It's starting to look a lot like the Masque of the Red Death out there, with all the higher-ups grabbing what they can get, getting infected, and some getting a comeuppance. Not a lot of tears are being shed for landlords complaining about rent freezes and so forth. Not a lot of sympathy for megaglobocorps getting billion-dollar bailouts whilst they fire everyone on their staff. NO sympathy at all for landlords who are expecting rent from people who no longer have work.

I can already see our government seriously considering extreme measures - shutting the entire country down for the interim. Meanwhile the US is like "How can we survive without the cogs of industry grinding the common man to powder?" and want to force people to go to work and keep spreading the disease. Like millions of people dying through administrative neglect is another form of natural selection.

It's all going to end in a garbage fire, I know it. Onwards with the daily tale!