Early Start

So I went to sleep early because I must have worn my brain out, yesterday. After all, I did all the Patreon stuff, the Instant Story, my Wordpress Wednesday, and the five hundred words. I had just enough juice to watch some Critical Role and write a few lines of fanfic before I just wore out.

As a direct result, I had enough sleep at 2:30 AM. Fun. After half an hour of convincing myself to actually get up (COLD!) I got rattling and made five more recordings. Sometime soon, I shall be making one or even two episodes of Inter-Mission.

For now, though, I have a few wholesome minutes of peace and quiet with which to enjoy myself, the dawn, and/or internet videos.

Today's agenda only includes the words and my Instant, so I should have plenty of time for this nonsense. Theoretically.

Mayhem has exams and Chaos' cold, so my day is doomed to be interrupted. Plenty of rest between day sessions on the exam cycle is likely to help the lad. Meanwhile, getting him to learn some germ-phobic habits will help him not get sick again.

I can hope.

Also, I still haven't looked into #MSWL yet. I am slack.