Doing... okay...

There's things I need to do. Like... make a doctor's appointment for my continuing mental health. And brave up and actually read the instructions for that blood test I ordered half a year ago. And brave up to send my manuscript out to another agent or three.

I am a fucking coward.

I know I'm going to procrastinate myself into a corner some day... I just gotta make myself do these things.

And I would much rather listen to the entirety of The Adventure Zone and write scads of fanfic all day. Or just... nap. Napping sounds like a nice way to fill this kind of day.

But no. I gotta make that appointment and we need more gorp and I need to face the facts and get firkin on with the blood test shit. It's doing me no good when it's collecting dust.

And now it's time for me to watch for the bus. I could probably get a short fic finished in that time. Maybe.