I was exhausted, yesterday. It made an impact on today, and I haven't been awake for an entire hour yet.

I don't even know what it was, but something really drained my batteries.

Regardless, I woke a little past half an hour beyond when I usually pry open my eyes. Which meant I went through my morning routine in a little bit of a rush.

Which meant I forgot to take my preventer (derp) before I went on my walk.

Which meant that I could only make it to the halfway mark before I needed my puffer. Boo.

Half an hour makes a difference on the morning scene, too. At 4:30ish AM, the world is quiet. It's easy to believe that you're the only person in the world. And you see some lovely weather that is only available at dawn. Mistfall, for instance, is just fucking beautiful.

Half an hour later, mistfall is gone. People are up and about and driving their cars around. The world is more crowded and even birdsong is drowned out by morning racket as you pass various houses. There is one plus, though - no spiderwebs.

I did see a track on one of the grass paths, I walked. My best bet is that someone biked through there... but there was only ever one tyre track, no matter how much it dipped and wobbled. I remember thinking that I could plausibly make a Doctor Who episode based on that, but I need to think up the beastie.

It needs to percolate for a while.

Here's to a less exhausting today.