Dialling it down

Working out the right time in the evening to take my Serotonin is currently the problem. Juggling that and getting ready for the morning with a foggy, sleepy brain is still a problem.

But, through a process of trial and error, and error, and more error, I will eventually hit the solution by pure accident. The key, I'm sure, is taking the Serotonin at the correct hour.

And while I'm getting the hour correct, I have to deal with brain fog for all of my potential productive time.

I'll get there. I might need a half dose but I'll get there.


The problem is that eventually feels like forever away and being useful in my current state is a distant dream. I can't really stir myself to do anything very much. Which makes me rely on my little darlings to help me out. Which is a tiny bit unfair, but they need to learn anyway.

At east I can sleep easily.

And I am capable of going places and doing stuff. It's just that I fog over and forget little things. Like whether or not I've done a thing I set out to do.

What I am going to do is make myself toddle around a block. It's been a long time without my outdoor perambulations and maybe some mild physical activity will help shake my brain up.

Maybe not. I dunno. Driving to MeMum's and back just about wiped me out, yesterday. But long drives always subtly stress me out because everyone on the road seems to be a homicidal maniac. Or at the minimum, a selfish prick who doesn't care about the rules.

I am a very careful driver. Proof of that lies in the fact that I had zero panic alerts from MeMum, the world's most nervous passenger, on the trip to and back from the shops. This is, apparently, enough to shit off everyone else on the damn road. Go figure.

Ah, but one day, nobody will need to drive, and then I can go nap in the back seat.