Today was supposed to be air con installation day. Except I got a phone call in the middle of my shrink appointment. One of the dudes who works there broke his wrist.


This is the trainee/apprentice/younger fellow of the crew, so I presume it's something silly like missing a rung on the ladder or something, but the appointments have to be more spaced out until the lad gets some of his dexterity back and I completely get it.

My little darlings have the local lurgi. Two batches of chicken soup haven't done a lot for their wellbeing, but maybe rest and hydration will help out.

Right after I'm done here, I'm going to work on my Wordpress so I don't forget like last week. Then, if it isn't too hot in here, progress onwards.

It's already climbing towards 30C. I might just move the whole operation into the air conditioning.

Weather's nasty.