(Deep breath) Sigh

I got some bad news, yesterday afternoon. My good friendo in Tullagawupwup has passed on. Her mother found her, which is horrible for her. Parents should never have to bury their children.

I still don't know if I'm allowed to mention her name online. She never wanted her abusive ex to track her down through photos online or mentions of her name.

Well. That arsehole can't hurt her any more. He can't contact her, he can't cause her any more stress. In that, at the very minimum, there is a silver lining to this horrible turn of events.

I didn't run a poll for this Wednesday and... I refuse to think of it as good fortune so I can write something about my friend. It's some form of serendipity, of synchronicity... but it is not benevolent.

I'd much rather have my friend alive and well and continuing to be her wonderfully cantankerous self. I'd much rather watch her long-term plans come together for the success she truly deserved.

But that's not happening. The world spins on, slightly poorer for her not being there. I have to spin with it. I have to keep moving.

I will carry a part of her with me. I will spread little parts of her as far as I can. Whenever I have the money to do so, I will donate to domestic violence shelters, and I will forever speak out against all forms of abuse.

She fought, so I will try to fight. She was strong, so I will try to be strong. She loved, so I will share that love.

Prophets guide you.