Comparative...Let's Say 'Humor'

Shortly after encountering the Numidid, someone makes the inevitable “Numididn’t” joke. 

(#00744 - B013)

“I am Numidid,” said Ambassador Su'sin, offering her hand.

The newly-minted Ambassador for the Consortium of Steam immediately struck a pose and said, “Oh nu-mi-di-en’t…”

One of the other members of the Consortium of Steam smacked hirself in the face at that. “We’re being ambassadors, today…”

“I don’t understand,” pleaded Su'sin.

“It’s human comedy,” explained Ambassador Stiiv, also of Amity. “Remember the archival stuff in your stereotypes module?”

“Oh,” Su'sin literally climbed up Stiiv to perch on her shoulder and said. “Let me try to get it right,” she fluffed herself up. “Yes she nu-mi-di-id.”

It was one of the rare cases that an alien species got along with the Consortium of Steam straight from the introduction. And one of the cases that caused the Galactic Alliance to argue about the infectious nature of human insanity.

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