Chocolate-day eve

It's going to be a real fun chocolate day because it co-incides with mum-in-law's birthday and I don't know if we got her anything. I know what she wants, I just don't know if (a) I can afford it and (b) if we can get it in time.

Squeaky bum time, folks.

I found another $2 coin, so there's a chance I could afford the thing of her dreams. Gain some brownie points and maybe trade those for her good favour when I'm trapped at the family meal/party.

Caveat - I have to get dressed in real clothes :P

I've been enjoying the slob life, yesterday. I plan on enjoying it a little bit more during the school holidays. I must be a real yobbo at heart, despite my hippie-ish leanings.

Or maybe I like giving my body a chance to heal from all the underwear scars.

I got in some really good Minecraft time, and kept up with my daily doodle... all is going well.

Which means you don't get a really long entry about my life. Heheh. Maybe I should do some philosophy on days like this.