I think I've plateau'd with adding flavour text to Faxephoun. At least, I have little idea of what to do next for that particular daydream. I need to do some research about building D&D worlds and modules. Set some stuff on stone and all that yadda yadda.

Yes, I am aware that this is ambitious as hell. Aim high, at least you don't shoot yourself in the foot.

My next side-project will likely be diddling about with RPG Maker if I get that far, but only because I've hit a wall on Faxephoun. Ideas crowd me, and they have to come out somehow or I'd never be able to focus on anything at all.

Working on Sdrawckab - the first of my RPG Maker games - will help me get one of my ideas solidified. Turning out the first level and tutorial type beeswax whilst also making it a puzzle to solve that's neither too obvious nor too frustrating for my imagined players.

OR I could get back to learning Java because the Instants App really, really, really needs to happen. The master file is taking up six gigabytes in my google drive and I need to take care of it. Alas, not having something that can be tooled around with is disheartening, just a smidge.

On the other hand, watching my Google storage die is also disheartening, so I'd better make up my fluffy little mind.

Soon, Chaos is off to her school whilst Mayhem stays away from the swimming carnival. Fingers crossed his school doesn't make a fuss.

Onwards, outwards, upwards... likely sideways the entire time.