Challenge #04184-K166: Isekai'd

[Notification: Demon Lord have been slayed]

[Notification: you have died]


[Executing Purge] [Titles have been revoked] [Skills have been revoked] [passives have been revoked] [Title: Hero, sustained]

[All Bookmarks have been deleted] -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt has been altered for brevity]

Waking up in the starter zone felt... different. G'ni reached up and felt hir cheek instead of the soft plastic seal of the virtuality goggles. The smell of the sea air, burned flesh, and rotting corpses was more real than it had ever been. Ze could feel the grit in hir teeth.

New teeth. That was weird.

This was... the game. But it was also real. The good news was that ze knew how to convince the AI companions to be friendly. The bad news was... ze had barely got into Act 2, and ze only knew some spoilers from online searches in real life. Damn hir habit of re-rolling a new character on every mistake.

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