Challenge #04167-K149: Every Time

A: Fire rescued someone called for an overdose?

B: He had edibles man.

A: Ok... How many did he have?

B: All of them

A: ... why are they always naked? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Cut down the prompt for brevity. Also content warning for drug mentions and implied nudity and body fluids in the video]

"I said they were therapeutic and that they were for the group session," said Counsellor Ash. "My mistake was trusting that he would restrain himself from ingesting the entire batch. Sem's biggest lure has always been forbidden fruit. I had believed he'd made progress, but... I made a mistake."

"Clearly," said the attending member of the Emergency Response Team. In situations like this, nudity was almost standard. That wasn't the disturbing part. "How the flakk did he get all the way up there?"

"I was preparing the calming tea when he indulged, so I have no idea." Ash looked up at the hole in the ceiling panels and the Human tangled in the cables and pipes above. The little hut made out of the ceiling panels could wait. They were printed from inert, nonhazardous materials, and would not harm the other participants in group therapy. When they were cleared to arrive, of course.

Rescuing Sem required heavy equipment to lift some EMT's to the area of the scene. From there, things got technical.

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