Challenge #04095-K077: Dead or Alive...

"What's with the bag?"

"It's my target."

"You were told to bring them in alive."

"They are alive."

"But... the bag...?"

"They said the only way I'd get them out of their office is in a body bag so...."

"Ok, fair enough, cell's over there, I'll unzip 'em after." -- Anon Guest

In all the inalienable truths of the universe, one of the better ones is they can't learn when they're dead.

It therefore follows that when the Galactic Alliance wishes to teach a lesson, they don't always send killers. They send someone relentless, which is almost the same thing, but also twice as frightening.

They're called Hunters, and they are also part of Pax Humanis. Though they have a lot more trust and freedom in the rest of society. They don't need companions, guardians, therapists, or any other safeguards. Those can help, from time to time, but they don't need them.

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