Challenge #04091-K073: Problems in the Testing Phase

Companion Ty, and eventually the entire crew, become very attached to the human's massive canines. The animals don't mind letting the light havenworlders ride them, they're very gentle, and the fur's warm and fantastic for laying against when troubled or exhausted. -- Anon Guest

They really were big softies. Emphasis on the 'big' part. With the help of some weeks' worth of training and a significant amount of bacon bits, the Havenworlder crew could ride Bear or Tux. Though in the case of Tux, motivating him forwards required a bacon strip tied to a stick.

Thus, when Human Hip went out stationside, it was Bear who was the mount of choice. He had an altered harness that allowed a Havenworlder to perch comfortably. Or... theoretically comfortably. There remained one drawback.

Companion Ty constantly adjusted her balance as she rode. "I think... I begin to be seasick..."

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