Challenge #04072-K054: The Gravy Recovery Project

My name is Joi, and almost my entire life, since leaving Earth, I helped gravy drives escape Sargassos and retire peacefully. My love and I had children, and several were born as I was, at least with the same gift. Now we work as a business / charity, and we're happy. As is our beloved friends sailing through the stars. -- Anon Guest

It's rarer than one might think, to find an abandoned gravy drive in a Sargasso. Only Dereggers are cruel enough to abandon something like that with nobody to care for it.

The Nae'hyn don't bring their engines to the people who do that.

For Joi, it's a job that takes her to every known Sargasso in the Alliance. Listening for the lonely songs. So the Nae'hyn can find and recognise their own. She spent the best years of her life singing with the ships that carried her from one place to another. What surprised all of them was the discovery of gravy drive colonies.

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