Challenge #04009-J357: Forging a New Beginning

Word of advice, never leave me alone near your junk pile. You'd be surprised at how useful junk can be! -- Anon Guest

Happier than a Gobelliin in a midden -- Alfarell saying.

People dismiss Gobelliin as filthy menaces whose only goal is chaos and destruction. They're barely recognised as Faekindred since they lost their inherent magic eons before the current era. Nevertheless, they are still outcasts. Forbidden from most of society, they go to where society dumps everything.

There, they make do with whatever they can find.

Sometimes, they team up with Kobolds, but it never lasts long. Gobelliin and Kobolds make clever devices, but Kobolds don't really care if their devices work properly. In brief, Kobolds get testy about testing.

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