Challenge #03988-J336: Mistaken Evaluation

They seemed soft, a pushover, weak. Because they wept into their beer over killing. The toughs decided to show the mouthy barmaid just how "good" they were after her remark about their mothers by trying to rough up the weakling. They learned, the person may be kind, gentle, soft.... but they've a backbone of raw steel. At least they let this lot live, though the lesson sure as hell hurt..... the toughs that is. -- Fighting Fit

"So you think you're a big man, huh?"

Rike Mossgrove barely looked up at the rowdy braggart looming over him. "Don't matter what I think," he said. "You already made up your mind."

"Damn straight," said the adventurer of menace. "And if I say you're nothing but a pantywaist mama's boy sucking on your thumb, you have to repeat it for all the Inn to hear."

Rike said, "No."

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