Challenge #03947-J295: A Whisp of Hope

A young human came to the retired king now called Kosh once more. They came from another kingdom, a runaway dirty, almost skeletally thin, and exhausted. They beg for food, for water, for a place to hide, they didn't want to go back there ever again. -- Anon Guest

Kosh found hir curled up in the goat stalls, Somehow cuddled up to his biggest bastard of a Dire Goat. That old hellion was a decent enough judge of character or, judging by the look of the child, it might just be that Disaster mistook hir for one of the herd's kids. Ze certainly smelled like the rest of the goats.

Ze was still breathing, so that was something.

"Kleine?" he singsonged. "I need to milk these goats and you might get stood on."

Ze woke by cringing in place and blurting, "No! Don't!"

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