Challenge #03936-J284: Creative Creations

"Should the day come when even I'm not here anymore, please look after this database [DATA CORRUPTED]."

(who is this... Why is this message in my records...)

"Do you have something that's irreplaceable, [DATA CORRUPTED]?"

(irreplaceable... broken parts... can be simply replaced...)

"You'll definitely find it one day, [DATA CORRUPTED]."

(Such things... will only cause trouble...)

"When that time comes... You should leave this place behind" -- Anon Guest

Someone had made it, that was the only certainty. Someone clever. Someone rich. Someone had put gears and cogs and magic together with tools and spells and made... it. A thing that looked like a middle-sized intelligent creature.

A machine that could follow instructions, but also think and reason on its own. Given a task, it could find ways to surmount or subvert obstacles. It could stop if the goal was impossible. Unlike the elemental constructs, that would mindlessly continue on their appointed task until they were destroyed or ordered otherwise by their masters.

That was pretty much all this one knew as it came into awareness. It had been sat on a shelf in a workshop, long gone to dust and cobwebs. What activated it was unknown. Who made it was unknown.

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