Challenge #03927-J275: Visiting the Niblings

Wraithvine visits Amatu, the half-halloblood / half-hellkin that is his friend and adopted brother. Amatu has a wife, an adopted child, and a large family now. -- Anon Guest

Grey showed too early in mortal hair. Some lasted longer. Some were gone in a blink. For a friend and baby brother, it was... jarring to see snow settling on a far younger man's head.

Then again, everyone was younger than the immortal Wraithvine. Except a few other immortals, of course.

Baby Corbinian was half-grown already. Picking up their father and hucking him towards a given destination. Laughing and clapping to watch their dad fly. Their fledgling wings could not lift them off the ground, and may never do so, but they still flexed and flapped in imitation. They spotted Wraithvine approaching and hollered, "Unty Wraif!"

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