Challenge #03926-J274: Domestic Drama

The human goes to their cat wearing the equivalent of chainmail and has a very tiny scissor in their hands. When their friend looks as them quizzically, they see the cat HATES getting its claws trimmed. But, necessary evils, unfortunately. -- Anon Guest

The Humans are full of weird sayings. A favourite of Human Bruk was, "It's better to be prepared than be embarrassed." And that made the rest of the crew on the Halcyon Curiosity wonder why their Human kept the modern equivalent of an entire chainmail suit.

Until it came time to groom his cat.

Preparation for which included the aforementioned suit, some catnip, the expensive kitty treats, and some truly hefty kitty tranquilisers. Companion Jupp entered after the tranquilisers, but before the treats. Human Bruk was in his chainmail, holding his cat in an assortment of towels, and very carefully using a set of special clippers on each of the cat's feet. At each snip of the clippers, the cat would vent a howling growl as it continued to bite whatever parts of Bruk's anatomy that it could reach.

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