Challenge #03899-J247: A Killer of Character

"Why are you here drinking and crying?"

"I had to take up a blade and kill."

"Why did you have to kill?"

My entire family was in danger."

"So why are you crying?"

"Because killing hurts." -- Anon Guest

"I looked into their eyes," said the killer. "I had tried every other method to stop them, but they refused to be swayed. So I had to stop them with a blade."

"You got to know them," said the barmaid. "Many who come here say that's a rookie mistake."

"Proud to be a rookie, then," said the killer. "They were people too. Assholes, I admit. Dedicated to causing trouble for defenceless folks, but..." they took another swig. Wiped their face. "Still people. Ma always told me that violence is the first resort of fools, and the only thing that works when everything else has failed."

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