Challenge #03850-J198: This is Not a Place of Honour

Gikka has gotten into the bad habit of sticking her hands where they don't belong. Something shiny ends up being something that needs fast treatment, and faster prayers, to save her from losing that hand. Sometimes even a thief needs to learn to be prudent. -- Lessons

Certain words, chained together in a specific way, are a guarantee of doom. In this case, it was Gikka peering into a crevice and saying, "Hey there's something shiny in there!"

Wraithvine said, "It should probably stay there," but it was already too late.

The sticky-fingered little Kobold had decided to attach herself to something shiny. In these kinds of dungeons, a gewgaw like that could only be one of a few things: a load-bearing artifact[1], part of a soon-to-be very unwilling creature[2], or deeply, deeply cursed.

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