Challenge #03843-J191: Beware the Quiet One

They sit in the corner of the establishment slowly nursing their drink and working on an intricate puzzle. When the bar fight starts, a person falls on the table disrupting the puzzle. The whole place holds its breath, but the person, this time, is allowed to walk away, safely. If there's a fight, do NOT bug the person sitting with that puzzle. -- Anon Guest

The good advice that everyone should know. Don't walk unsuspecting down dark alleyways. Don't wear white when you're doing dirty work. Don't try to eat anything bigger than your own head.

But most especially - don't annoy the one person sitting quietly in a fighting bar[1].

That is the one person in the entire place who's the deadliest and the most dangerous. The roughest, toughest, and gruffest of them all. Cross that person, and they can only whisper about what they think happened to you, because nobody will ever find your corpse. This is the Edge Territories. There's always a person like that in a bar like that. It's almost a rule.

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