Challenge #03832-J180: Idea Unplugged

A: Humans apparently the shirts says peace defender and this one says virtue.

[shirts actual translation: I come in peace / I’m peace]

Human 1: (in whispers) I don’t have the heart to tell them…

Human 2: (also in whispers) Don’t, this gonna be hilarious when they figure it out.

A: Anyway I’m going to present these to my mate. -- Anon Guest

"Maybe they have figured it out?" whispered Human Vit as ze watched Companion Clem carefully fold the shirts into a pretty gift box.

"I'm not certain," Human Kaan whispered in response, cupping her hand around her mouth. "Clem's lot aren't an in vivo species. They spawn."

Vit wondered, with some horror, what happened when an entire species didn't get someone else's dirty joke. Which lead to the horror that ze, too, might have missed someone else's dirty jokes?

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