Challenge #03807-J155: A Test of Mettle

The soldiers were tired, cranky, and sore. They looked at the young upstart who'd marched them far from where they thought they needed to go. The person wasn't what they wanted in a leader, but they quickly learned, the person was what they had NEEDED as one. -- Anon Guest

Of all the fates that an army could ever despise, it was being under the command of an untried, untested Noble with no knowledge of the battlefield. The stripling prince was barely old enough to shave his entire face. Only the fact that he was one of the realm's prized Demon Lords stopped the entire population of soldiers from quitting on the spot.

That said, they knew their objective. What General Mokesk couldn't understand was how the seventeen-year-old Prince Benevolence thought he was doing any good by going around the other side of the mountains.

On the plus side, there was good forage and decent places to camp on the way. On the other hand, they were going the wrong way. If it wasn't for the Prince sleeping in the same kinds of tents as them, or making certain they were all well fed, they would have rebelled some weeks ago.

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