Challenge #03780-J127: The Flawed Strategy

[ WARNING: connection to the shadow has been severed ]

[ WARNING: your soul cannot bear the weight of your vessel.

Max HP has been greatly reduced

Max MP has been greatly reduced

Attack has been greatly reduced

Defence has been greatly reduced

Agility has been greatly reduced

Magic has been greatly reduced ]

[ WARNING: connection to the light has been se-]

[ WARNING: connection to Chaos has been established ] -- Anon Guest

There are not just four elements. This should be known. Beyond Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, there are alternate powers. Light, Shadow, Law, and Chaos. They are not always the opposites you might think they are. They are not always the powers you might think they are, either.

People in the mortal realm use all of them to varying degrees. Even those with barely a speck of magic in their nature can use them. Some learn how to connect with them. Others are gifted. One is a Fair-Weather Cleric.

Fair-Weather friends are the ones who are only warmly inclined when it is to their benefit. Fair-Weather Clerics, as Brady Blazecaller defines it, is a Cleric for all circumstances. One who worships the deity who answers first, and gifts them with: Faith, Sacrifices, and a quick burnt offering[1].

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