Challenge #03773-J120: I Can Do This

What, you think I'm not going to have my workout time just because I'm sick? I think not, my friend! Physical activity, with moderation, keeps the aches and pains away!

I will tone it down, though, and pay attention to my current limits. You don't need to worry, I just don't want to get even stiffer and achier than I have to be. -- Anon Guest

Kosh had picked up more than he was told to at the markets. This wasn't some gewgaw or gimcrack that a fortunate merchant had foisted on the Hellkin Martialist. No, it was the local bug. A simple disease so common as to have multitudes dismiss it.

Some called it the local lurgi, others referred to it as this season's sniffles. What it was was everywhere, and Kosh had come down with it.

He wore a cloth mask over his face as he went about his daily routine. Since this routine also included eye-watering calisthenics, his fellow adventurers became concerned.

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