Challenge #03771-J118: The First Lessons

The children were in a special home because their magic was too powerful for them to control. It was up to the new head of this place to help them learn to control it, before it destroyed them. -- The New Guy

The wards were enough to quell any outflare, including the ones that should have been impossible. Preparing for the unexpected saved lives here. The most important lives. The lives of the children who had an unexpectedly strong link to magical sources.

Those with inherent magic tend to leak when under emotional stress. Elves ooze. Hellkin warp shadows. Those are merely the effects that are well known. Many can do far worse than that.

Perdan taught them meditation. It was just a first step on the long path to handling their gifts. Sometimes, an extremely long journey. Such as the one this little tiny Archduke was supposed to be undertaking.

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