Challenge #03749-J096: Safety Inspection

A magical amusement park, rides and all, has been built. Wraithvine and friends are asked to evaluate it for safety before opening to the public. -- Anon Guest

This was much more than a merry-go-round, a ferris wheel, and a pitch-a-ring stall. Some were entertainments that hadn't been seen since the last gilded age of high magic. A giant steam engine was prepared to run a band of bardic automatons and a mechanical giraffe, for some reason.

Wraithvine was here for the rides. Specifically, to ensure they were safe for all comers. The ancients of the last gilded age weren't keen on making things safe for anyone else but the dominant species. It was regrettable that that gilded age was the age of Elves.

Thusly, most of the seating was for middling-sized intelligent creatures.

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