Challenge #03744-J091: Attractive Opposites

I cannot move now, I'm so cold. I know I could touch their minds, but it may cause them pain. But I need help. Is it right for me to give them a small amount of pain when I need to beg their aid? They seem to be trying to help already, asking questions... alright. My saviors, forgive me, but I need to answer those questions, and beg to be able to move. -- Anon Guest

They dug me out of the avalanche and took me into their houses. They didn't know. They couldn't know. They'd never seen the likes of me before. I am cold, and meant to be cold.

They... are far too hot. Beings of warmth or fire or... I can sense them. Not fire. Their origins lie in the Plane of Torment, so close to the Plane of Fire. I... am not quite the opposite. My origin is in the Plane of Ice. They hurt me, in trying to help.

I could reach them, but it may hurt them. I must defend myself all the same. Should I? Or should I let myself perish because that avalanche was my stupid mistake in the first place?

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