Challenge #03726-J073: A Lighter Lesson

Some children, giggling, having a snowball fight, toss a few at Wraithvine, Gikka, and hir apprentice mage. They ask the travelers to please, come play. -- Anon Guest

Winter is rarely the favoured season of the dragon-kindred. Even one with a Ring of Elemental Resistance, like Gikka did, was prone to get pouting and grumbly in snowy weather. Just as Gikka was doing now.

"You're all right," Gikka complained. "You're only in the snow up to your knees. Meanwhile, I'm waist deep in it."

"You can always ride on my shoulders," offered Wraithvine. "At this point, you're choosing to be up to your waist in it." And at that point, a snowball hit hir in the chest.

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