Challenge #03697-J044: Mostly Harmless, I Promise

Tons of security rush into the domicile

"What's going on here?"

"It was reported you're building bombs!"

"Oh, I'm making bath bombs."

"Explosives to use while you wash??"

"No, fizzy little balls to add to a bath for aromatherapy."

"It was reported as a Bomb."

"The eavesdropper needs to learn to listen to the entire conversation." -- Anon Guest

"Explosives are not permitted in enclosed vessels," intoned the guard. "We still have to inspect the process and the product."

Human Liz sighed and rolled their eyes. "It's all ordinary household chemicals. Harmless ones. I promise." They showed each and every one of the ingredients, explained the process, and underlined that this was something harmless, if not Havenworlder-safe[1].

"We know about Humans and ordinary household chemicals," rumbled the guard. His face and demeanour implacable.

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