Challenge #03684-J031: Gezundheit

The human always wears a livesuit, or at least a protective head covering with full face mask when around havenworlders. Even when other humans were not. When asked, the human would sigh, sadly, and say, I'm allergic to everyone. -- Lessons

Some people should never go to space. Some people go anyway. I mean, who wouldn't right? Space is where all the cool stuff is. All the interesting people and fun places to see.

Hi. I'm Human Vaun, and I'm allergic to like ninety-eight percent of all cogniscent life in the universe.

I'm okay so long as my nose has a filter over it. It looks weird to loads of people, but a bean has to eat, right? I can't spend all of my life in a livesuit. It gets stinky in there.

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