Challenge #03671-J018: Were You Talking to Me?

"Do that again, I will take you over my knee!"

" don't have knees...."

"You KNOW what I mean!"

".....sorry...." -- Anon Guest

[AN: I don't endorse abuse so I'll have to figure a way around this prompt]

Of every unlikely adventuring companion, the least likely to share adventures with in the frozen mountains was a Sserith. If it wasn't for magical means to keep a body warm, everything would have stopped -ha- cold.

And some idiot at the bar had just said the wrong word.

He had said, "The fuck's a Naga doing here?"

If they weren't already in the frozen mountains, the room temperature would have dropped. Ssissrii turned slowly towards the speaker, tongue tasting the air as one hand drifted towards her blades.

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