Challenge #03659-J006: Balm for a Shattered Heart

They care deeply for Wraithvine, and ask them out on a date. If rejected, they take it well and ask if they could at least sit and talk over tea. If accepted, they smile, and plan for a wonderful dinner. -- Anon Guest

Once an immortal has been an immortal for a few eras, the signs start to show. Not in wrinkles or grey hairs because immortality isn't worth spit without the associated eternal youth codicil. What gives an immortal away, after sufficient time, is their eyes. There's a lingering sadness there.

They know that every 'hello' is matched with a final farewell. They know that nobody lasts.

It's the same with Wraithvine, who has met yet another mortal who thinks that all ze needs is love in hir life. Never mind that ze has had it in abundance a thousand times or more.

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