Challenge #03624-I336: Welcome Deeds

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are falling, and the harvest is being gathered. A family invites Gikka, Wraithvine, and friends to join their village in the fall festival. -- Anon Guest

The little village in the middle of nowhere was having a harvest festival. The winter crops had been planted, the summer crops had been reaped, and all the preserves were stocked away for the snows.

This was the time for music and dancing, and light against the fading darkness. And welcome to visitors who may yet find themselves snowed in. It was a surprisingly warm welcome for two wizards, one Kobold, and a cat. The cat was honestly a bit of a surprise. She looked like a fur stole until she yawned, stretched, and made for the ham.

As Wraithvine put hir pet onto the ground, giving her orders that she was bound to disobey, the reason for the warm welcome became clear.

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