Challenge #03577-I288: A Second Chance

Amatu, Wraithvine, and their friends now develop a plan to save Wraithvine's litch friend, frienemy? It may not work, but it's a solid plan. Between finding a willing necromancer, and Amatu's immense gifts, they may be able to save the dark one. But is Amatu willing to lose their mortality in the process? Will Wraithvine accept him as an immortal brother? -- Fighting Fit

Necromancy seems made to be automatically gross. It takes the things repulsive and makes life out of them. Sort of. Mostly. Technically.

This was a desperate reach and they knew it. Finding a necromancer willing to do it, gathering all the ingredients, and putting them together in one place was the trick.

Fortunately, there are academic necromancers who never reanimate anything larger than a pet. Or in some cases, wire their familiars together out of found parts.

This one had an octopus made out of a human skull, and assorted spines and tails. "Donated," insisted Stravras the Really Dark Grey. "All donated to the cause of Natural Philosophy. You can see the nick marks where the students messed up the dissections."

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