Challenge #03562-I273: A Gift, a Blessing, and a Visit

An individual politely asks Wraithvine if they would be willing to sell them a small lock of hir golden hair. Why? To turn it into a bracelet by braiding it and adding some shiny agates they'd found and shaped, and present it to their child as a 5th birthday present. Their child absolutely adored elves, and the family didn't have much money, but wanted to do something very special for the little one. -- Anon Guest

"Beggin' your pardon, yer honour," said the woman in the stained pinafore. It had been made out of flour sacks and scraps and showed a day's worth of working stains. The dress underneath was faded with the sun and worn thin through many washings. She was still wearing simple clogs and carried a tote also made of flour sacks and scraps. "Might I ask a small thing of you? And pardon if I offend?"

This had been twice that she had asked hir pardon. Wraithvine had put away hir pipe the instant ze'd seen her approaching with wringing hands. "Ask, I am only offended by wilful ignorance."

"My wee Salma is turning five soon, an'..." wring, wring, wring went those anxious hands. She had evidently spun and plied some work on the way, and was restraining herself from knitting it on the spot. "She's mad in love with Elves and I have little to give, but... I heard from others as a charm made from..." She trailed off, trembling in terror at the words that stopped her mouth.

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