Challenge #03532-I244: Weird That it Happened Twice

Due to an unexpected, and dangerous, illness, they wake up in an ICU drawer. And absolutely freak out due to severe claustrophobia. -- Anon Guest

[AN: There's something very similar to this in my upcoming novel, Adapting, so I shall attempt to come up with another one]

Waking up in a coffin is not fun. Trust me on this. Waking up in a coffin and being unable to move is way worse.

It does not matter how friendly the colourful blobs on the screen are. It does not matter how often or in how many languages I can see telling me to please remain calm. The automated voice in all known languages can try soothing me but it won't work.

Yes, I know my panic responses are spiking. Thank you for telling me. Get. Me out. Of the coffin. And they won't.

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