Challenge #03495-I207: When You Assume...

They're brought to the medics with blistered arms and burns on the face, though the eyes were protected due to goggles. OOPS, they didn't read the directions when trying to fix a faulty replica of a steampunk machine's boiler. -- Anon Guest

"The good news is that the damage is superficial," said Human Fonz, currently on some really excellent painblockers. "The bad news is that it's over -uh- about a quarter of my body. Who knew those leather aprons were for more than the aesthetic?"

Companion Drez, wheeling him to the sickbay, said, "I knew. I was the one who told you to wear the sleeves and the gloves and the mask, but no-o-o-o. Someone had to go on about how it was just steam and how could steam hurt anyone? It's at above boiling and under pressure you flakkin' dypnarbl!"

"Lesson learned, I swear. No matter how scratchy, uncomfortable, or hot the safety equipment - flakking use it."

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