Challenge #03490-I202: Strange Happenstances

A Nagha, Kevin, Ma, Wraithvine, Podmore, the Raven-folk a tiefling named Abundance, and young Venin the Goblin all ready the place of destiny that Kevin and Ma were supposed to go. However, what they were to do, was a bit.. complicated. And not at all what anyone expected. But when they finally settle down, the motley crew at least have family to rely on, that is to say, each other.

Beings are from these stories. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Problem with this one is that Pondermore is from a completely different timeline. I shall have to skip her. Or introduce her at the end of the story. I don't know yet. This fiction is written as fast as possible because firkin Covid has me by the short and painfuls]

There are a very few places ready to welcome just about anyone. This is one of them. Welcome to Lower Petraine. Here there be Dire Spiders; but it's okay, since they're tame. They'll come when you whistle and spin silk onto a spool while they drink soup from a special bag.

"It iss... cold," grumbled Yautto, who was sluggish despite the use of two rings of warmth and Ma Oxbrydl's multicoloured coat. "Yautto... be... sslow."

"Yautto is about to be surprised," said Wraithvine.

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