Challenge #03476-I188: Sturdy, Reliable... Ancient

They are stranded on a very primitive world, the technology here being pretty much obsolete. Good thing the friend they have with them still knows how to use this old tech. They'll need it to try to call for a lift home.

((Inspired by all the videos of teens and younger trying to use things like walkmans and rotary phones, and realizing these once very common pieces of technology are completely foreign to them.)) -- Lessons

They should not be here. They knew this. A pre-exploration world with an extremely egocentric attitude and an insatiable desire for more. With an additional minimum of care that they were living in a closed system[1]. Shayde had her Glamour and shadow gifts. Rael had... a garden.

"Potatoes," Shayde had told him. "They grow quick, they store easy, and you get a load of calories with." The Tukkatukka was still immature. Growing from seed in tubs in the wreck, lest they infest this world with a weed that would only exacerbate their problems. Though Shayde was tempted to give it to the "third world" areas where the land was so abused that it couldn't even grow rocks.

Even kind actions had consequences, so she refrained. That didn't stop a certain amount of meddling all the same. The observer effect was in full swing. Such as this shopping event so they could keep track of local affairs.

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