Challenge #03463-I175: Adventures in Pet-sitting

A human with a new puppy is often quite tired lately. Their friends had seen them play with the animal a lot, so they understood, but wow, the happy, hyperactive, puppy had more endurance than the human! -- Anon Guest

Doug was a puppy. A neotenous canid, true. He was also a squiggly, wiggly, squirming, wagging ball of excitement with the unstoppable inclination to lick the entire universe. Human Thu had been playing with the creature for most of their day off. Running with the beast on the jogging track, playing 'fetch' until their arm protested, and so on.

"My plan backfired," panted Thu as Doug continued to gambol about their feet. "I'm worn completely out, but he's still hepped up to play."

Doug chuffed a play sneeze and did the doggy bow that meant, Let's play! He could not, evidently, sit still for any number of consecutive seconds. Companion Renz knew what the Human was going to say next, but dreaded the inevitability.

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