Challenge #03436-I148: Found Home

A young teen comes up to Kevin, Ma, and the rest of the party and asks Kevin to please teach them how to use a bow and arrow. They live with their grandparents and want to help make life better for their poor family by providing more food. They would be honored if he would be willing to teach them. -- Anon Guest

Rex, Kevin's new baby brother, spent most of the journey riding someone else. In a backpack or sling, he was content to either nap or chatter the hours away. In all other things, he was a normal, four-year-old boy.

In the act of bagging some partridge, they met Mitch Millerson. He had a very pathetic bag of nuts, berries, and the healthier mushrooms to eat. He popped out of some other underbrush all agog. "Wow! Can you teach me to shoot like that?"

For the first time in his life, Kevin was a wonder and not a worry. "It'll take some good time. And you'll need a bow you can draw."

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