Challenge #03424-I136: Ferocious Friend

Captain Gorx and his crew find out that this pax humanis member is actually a kind individual, and a good friend, even during a fight, it shows. -- Lessons

It was the stare, more than anything else. Daiz had an unblinking way of viewing the world. A habit of standing just a fraction too close. An air of alertness not often seen outside of the wild. The closest domesticated analogy that Captain Gorx could reach was that of a Skitty hunting down something fast and scurrying.

Then again, Terran cats were Earth's deadliest predatory by weight before the genetechs got their hands on them.

Human Daiz may just be a contender for the title. She walked in silence, watched everything, and seemed to be taking mental inventory of strengths and weaknesses. It was a very nervous and sleepless first week.

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