Challenge #03357-I069: Surprise Guest

In the middle of the night, a bandit, who had seen Kevin use his bow, slipped drugs into everyone's drinks then absconded with Kevin to try to force him to be their servant, even if it meant breaking him to do it. But, when you've friends like Kevin does, you learn quick that such a thing is a really bad idea. -- Anon Guest

Yautto had been watching the hotbloods for some time, trying to find a moment of true weakness. There was the knife-ear hotblood, two round-ear hotbloods, a trash dragon, and a horned one. The last of that list was not Yautto's favourite. They always tasted of sulphur and smoke.

The smaller round-ear had a very interesting weapon. It made an entire dwelling, and there was the scent of food and magic inside.

A magic bow that could create anything its wielder wanted. Yautto had to have it. And if it was made for the round-ear, then they would take the round-ear too. Yautto waited for the sun to set, but not for long after that. They didn't want to become sluggish in the cold of night. Not for this. They needed to be quick.

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