Challenge #03217-H308: The Future You Want

They had supplies for when the waste material hit the proverbial fan blades. Their neighbors knew they had stockpiled for a long, long time just in case. Then things went south. The neighbors did not raid them but, instead, came to ask to work with them, as they, themselves, were mildly disabled and could not do everything alone anymore due to their age. This came in handy when others decided to try to raid them, however, and the neighbors let people know, you want to hurt their friend, you have to get through them, first. You want to help, work together, and survive? The door's open, just leave your weapons over there in the locker before you come in. -- Anon Guest

My name is Bob, and I'm not like the other survivalists. A great deal of them focus in the fantasy of themselves and anyone they hold dear against the world. They're all about defending their family and never thinking about what happens when their child grows up.

They never ponder the next generation working their way out of the chaos. For most of them? It's all about the guns.

I mean sure, they make hunting more efficient and you can defend yourself with them, but there's better ways to work things. For example - pick a geologically stable area with decent rainfall and good drainage and then populate all of it with companion plants that are either medicinal or edible or both. Set up an ecology. Build the facilities on places where little to nothing prospers. But most especially, make friends with the people around you.

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