Challenge #03033-H110: A Different Solution

They saw Human Ji sit down for their tea after the brief fight with the braggart that had decided to be an idiot. As the crowd dispersed, people getting back to their normal routines, they first helped the owners put the tea gardens back together, mainly because they were nervous about approaching Ji, before plucking up their courage and approaching the table. Lightly clearing their throat, they asked, softly. "I'm having to deal with bullies in school that keep trying to beat me up, can you help me? Can I defend myself, too?"

It's from this Prompt: -- Fighting Fit

[AN: As always, blessings for supplying the link. Also, this now has to happen near the Edge, as bullying is almost extinct and quickly quashed in Galactic Alliance space]

Poflo saw it all from an upper gallery, where ze liked to hide from the bad kids. It was hard not to know about Master Ji. The man was a legend. The Sensei who knew everything and was able to beat anyone in an unfair fight[1]. He was a teacher, and had taught Havenworlders to hold their own against the Vorax.

Which meant that he was the man to see about hir problem. He was also the man to avoid about hir problem. People like that tended to take advantage of people like Poflo. The strong made victims of the weak. Humiliated them with it. Thusly, ze made a hesitant path to Master Ji's line of sight. Thereafter, ze watched the Master slowly imbibe his tea and enjoy the ambiance.

Then the Master ordered a tray of treats and another pot of tea. "You can sit and talk. I don't mind rude questions," he said, "and you look like a soul with a lot of troubles."

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