Challenge #02791-G234: The Weather Outside...

"FLAKK IT ALL TO HELL!!" Human Bear roared as he punched his way out of the ice and snow of the Avalanche that had just swallowed him. "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!?" He raged at the mountain.

"Human Bear!" Vren cried. "We have 3 that are still trapped in the ice!"

Bear's rage instantly turned to terror. He had to find the lost ones before there Livesuits failed to to their jobs... -- Anon Guest

[AN: Bear's other stories are here and here if you're interested]

Livesuits do their job, but they're only good for so long and can only resist so much. They're designed to help the wearers live for long enough to get to help. Alas, as part of the Galactic Survey Team, they were a very long flight away from help. That's why they had Bear in the first place.

Bear survived a direct hit with half a mountain's worth of ice and snow. Vren managed to escape with a lucky dodge. They almost got the shock of their life when Human Bear literally punched his way out of the drift, all fury and venom.

"I lived, bitch," he roared, "Is that all you flakkin' got?"

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